Thursday, August 7, 2008

At the hospital

So in case you've missed the excitement...

At my appointment yesterday my bloodpressure was still higher, they also said my bloodwork from last week came back not great, and the ultrasound showed that Eisley's just getting bigger and bigger. So, in his words, he'd "like to see me not pregnant soon". He was actually surprised that Dr. Watson didn't set a date last week. According to him, if I let this go much longer, they would probably end up having to put me on meds to control high BP and other issues.

So he asked me if I would like to set a date in the next week. He offered to let me go yesterday or next week after the weekend. Because of schedule issues, and after talking it over, Justin and I decided tonight would be a good time to get the ball rolling.

I have so many mixed feelings about this. Eisley hasn't dropped yet (maybe because of excess amniotic fluid, said the doc) and I'm 1cm dilated still, also 50% effaced now. She's showing no signs of budging, and her head is already measuring around 41 weeks!

But being induced and the fact that she hasn't dropped does raise my chances of a csection significantly. It can be done vaginally, but it's more of a 50/50 chance. But here I am at the hospital anyway. Please pray for me (if you read this in time) that I don't end up needing a csection. I'm not scared of one, I just really really want to do this the old fashioned way SOOO bad.

But, what happens happens. You can hear lots of horror stories about inductions, hopefully mine is one of the good ones. Maybe because I'm worried about "the worst" will make it a breeze. Maybe.

So wish me luck! And pray for me. I'll try and be updating this as often as I can throughout this adventure...

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  1. You are in my thoughts and prayers... I love you H!