Friday, August 8, 2008


The possibility of a cesarean is looking more and more... possible. They've given me 4 doses of cervical "ripening" medication, but as of the last time they checked, my cervix is just not budging. Eisley hasn't dropped at ALL, so they can't break my water, because I have so much water if they broke it, the cord could start to come out and prolapse. That would mean an emergency csection to prevent her from suffering any brain damage.

They're going to check at 12pm to see if I've made any more progress. They might start pitocin at that point, in hopes that the stronger contractions (cause I'm already having mild ones) could move her head down just enough to remove the risk of cord prolapse so they could break my water. If after starting the pitocin and letting my contractions get pretty strong, if nothing happens, it's looking like I'm destined for a csection.

Oh well! We'll just have to see how it goes.

As annoying as a csection would be (recovery wise, and major surgery), I can see the benefits. I get to keep my vagina in tact, thats a plus. Only time will tell...

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