Saturday, August 23, 2008

Video & CANKLES!

I have two treats for you today!

First, a video of Eisley! Since many of you have only seen her asleep and many others have only seen her in emailed pictures and don't even know this child is actually real. So I'm posting a video (pardon my stupid commentary) of Eisley with her eyes open and awake!
Eisley awake

Second, I'm being very brave and posting what I consider to be a show of my "birthing battle wounds": CANKLES. See, for c-sections they pump you full of saline and it takes a week or two to lose the water weight which all falls down to your lower extremities. So I'm posting pictures of my postpartum cankles and what my real ankles look like today - a week later! Prepare for the shocking images.

Viewer discretion is advised:

So there they are! My postpartum cankles! Admit it, you all thought I was exaggerating with the picture of the Marshmallow Man a few posts back... well now, SEE?!

Yes, I actually felt resistance trying to flex my foot back. I actually felt my feet jiggle when I walked. And yes, my ankles actually had rolls. I mean, I'm used to having extra weight on my thighs and butt - but your ankles are supposed to remain thin! It's just the way it goes!

So here, thank goodness, are my ankles today. They've recovered quite nicely. Just excuse my poorly manicured toenails. I couldn't reach them for months so give a girl a break!
Woohoo! Yay for my bony ankles and their victorious return! After 9 months, I had actually forgotten how small they were...


  1. Thank u for posting helps me know there is an end to these marshmellows!