Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yeah, so, *that* was kinda psychotic...

To make a long story short, my cat Sugar (named after the prostitute in the book The Crimson Petal and the White - as suggested by my sister) , has been expecting kittens and we've been watching her get bigger and bigger and we've known the day has been coming...

Well, I knew she was about to give birth - she's been showing the signs - but it was still a surprise to me this afternoon when I came upstairs and looked under my bed to find Sugar in labor, 3 kittens already born. One was stillborn, sad :(

One was just fine and nursing happily.

But the third, was still attached to the cord, which was still attached to the placenta that was still IN Sugar.

NOT good.

I called the vet, she needed to go in. Holly (Justin's mom) came to help me, thank goodness, because Eisley was fussy and Justin was working a long day and I was a bit frazzled.

$80 later, they got the placenta out. The vet told me that at least one more kitten was still on it's way...

It was born on my lap in the car. Niiice.

Oh well, all is well now! And we have 3 adorable kittens!
See for yourself:


  1. COOL! Way to save mommy kitty H :D

  2. OMG! Super Mom way to save the day. I've never seen any type of animal birth! Wow, pretty exciting!

    P.S. I love your new haircut!

  3. Awww kittens! YAY!! You are a hero!

  4. Oh my goodness how cute are they! The one seems a tad annoyed at the other two crawling all around. What a fun thing to witness!