Friday, October 10, 2008

Smiles & Halloween Decor

Eisley is sleeping less and getting more active during the day. It's been fun to see her personality start to come out of the woodwork. She's like her daddy, I think, calm and easy going for the most part, her 7pm "Witching Hour" is becoming much less frequent and we're getting better at calming her down. Parenting is all about trial & error, right?

She gives us lots of smiles now! No laughs yet, but I can sense them coming, its just a matter of time...

Yesterday I got some Halloween decorating done. I didn't go all out like I did last year (because we're not having our yearly Halloween party - sad) but I at least wanted to get a little bit up. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, but unfortunately black and orange aren't usually colors I decorate with. So when I throw in my Halloween decorations, I think it looks kinda funny. But it makes me happy and that's what matters right?

Pink Foo Dog, as always, protecting the fireplace.

I made this garland last year with photoshop, scrapbooking paper, German glass glitter, and ribbon. I quite fancy it. Not sure if my Halloween figurines fit in with my girly aqua decor... meh.

This sign was found last year at Michael's. I'm not sure which I love more - Michael's or Hobby Lobby?

My little girl bust likes to sport her witch hat to get into the Halloween season:

This sign is a souvenir from our trip last year to Walla Walla for Meghan's wedding. I got it in the CUTEST shop in downtown Walla Walla. It says, "LOW FLYING WITCHCRAFT". Love it.

That's all.


  1. I love baby laughs. They are so cute and bright! I can't imagine how much more I would love it if it was from my own baby!

  2. The Halloween decor is lovely! I admire the "Boo" as well. Little Eisley is beautiful, I can't wait til our two can meet. Eisley can teach my boy a thing or two about being in this world!