Friday, October 17, 2008


Are these not the cutest darn socks you've ever seen for a baby? They're called Trumpette's and they're pricey! I recieved a set of 5 pairs - all different colors - for a baby shower gift, and these puppies go for about $25 a pack of 5! But I tried them on Eisley the other day and they're the only socks that stay on her! I didn't think they'd even fit her yet but I tried them on her at a whim, wondering when they *would* fit... kinda bittersweet that they already do!

I was delightfully surprised at how they stay on so well, and by golly - they're just TOO DARN CUTE! (Although the black tips gave her some nasty black toe jam, lol!)

Isn't my baby girl beautiful?

Yeah... I'm not totally biased and in love with this little girl... no. Not me...

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  1. These are such cute socks!! I love the faux shoes -- and the pictures alone are totally worth the pricey socks :)