Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Mom Haircut

As promised here's a few self snapped pics of my new "mom haircut". I said I wouldn't do this (I'm a hairstylist after all!) but after a few weeks with a newborn, I realized the wisdom behind the Mom Haircut (aka, short and easy hair). Every morning I've been waking up with all this hair that desperately needs to be curled and styled, but Eisley has little patience for "Mommy Primping Time". I, too, actually have little patience for it as well. So here it is folks, behold the short and easy Mommy Haircut. But, is it sassy?

Look who I caught smiling at me this morning:


  1. WAY CUTE! We are twins now! I LOVE having short hair and I don't even have a kid. hahahaha It take me 10 minutes to blow dry and straighten my hair. woot woot!

  2. Ok so I officially have read through your whole blog! Took me 2 days, but I did it and found it very interesting! It was really a great idea to blog from the very beginning!

    I love the hair!! It's cute! And your little girl is so precious!


  3. ha! you read the whole thing?! wow :)

  4. Your new haircut is too cute! I can see that your angel likes it too :)

    I've been trying to resist the urge to chop my hair, and your haircut is not helping in preserving my long hair ;)

  5. yea... I get bored at work a lot. Your blog was a source of entertainment for two days. :]

  6. Adorable...both your hair and Eisley!