Friday, July 17, 2009


The big 08/08/09 is coming up, despite my protests that it's just not fair. I hope I didn't forget any invites, but if we know you - you're invited. So come! Seriously. It's Alice in Wonderland themed, could you tell? {Justin convinced me to hold off a few more years for Marie Antoinette...}

First - you can RSVP by leaving a comment to this post in case you don't feel like calling me ;-)
or if I already know you're coming.

Second - feel free to get festive! White rabbit ears, Queen of Hearts crowns, face paint, etc. are all encouraged. I'm making Justin wear a Mad Hatter hat {shout out to Justin: aren't you excited?!}

Finally - if you want to bring/send a gift for Eisley but are having trouble thinking of exactly what, a few ideas of things she needs {and seriously, only if you were planning on a birthday gift, we know this economy is rough right now and don't expect anything but your company}:

* Bath toys. She has none. This is sad.
* 9 & 12 mos clothes. We go through a lot of onesies & soft pants & play clothes - so those are nice to have more of. We're pretty well stocked on dresses for now, although we won't ever turn down a pretty dress.
* Toys that involve "taking out & putting back in", she's been into that lately
* Books. These are also chew toys for her, so the heavy cardboard or soft plush kind are best for now. She already has several copies of War & Peace, so please everyone stop buying her that one.
* Melissa & Doug toys {found at US Toys, They Just Keep Growing in Castle Rock, and a few at Barnes & Noble} are especially welcome in this home - as they're good old fashioned wooden, Made in the USA, learning toys.

Just thought I'd put that out there as often people have asked me what she needs or what size she's wearing, etc. On toys, don't forget to check the packaging to make sure of age appropriateness. That's something I always forget, then I realize I just gave a niece a toy she can't use for 3 years...

I'm so excited! Not for the turning 1 part. But parties are so much fun for me.

Happy Unbirthday to all of you!

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