Thursday, July 9, 2009

{Nature Walk}

Recently on a walk by himself {well, with Eisley, I was home spray-painting birdcages in preparation for Paris Street Market} Justin discovered this little piece of heaven, right in our own backyard.

So he brought us all back the other day, for a lovely little nature walk. The trail starts just a couple blocks away, between two houses...With Eisley in her Chicco carrier, the little dogs on leashes, we headed off - over the bridge towards the trail.

Down the little trail we went...

Until the paving went away. It smelled like the mountains.
I was there too, Justin took a pic to prove it. I'm probably watching out for mountain lions here, which actually inhabit the very nearby Castlewood Canyon, so don't think I'm crazy.

{Some people have to really work at getting their kids to smile for pictures...
we don't have that problem.}
I know I'm jealous of the people in those little houses that back up to this...
Nearby was a larger creek, which we couldn't see, but we could hear it. It made for quite the ambiance.
On our way back Eisley asked if she could walk one of the dogs. "Sure, what the heck?" we said.

Here, my friends, is one of the reasons my native state is called "Colorful Colorado." I snapped all these pictures myself on our little nature walk. We have the most lovely wildflowers here.
Whew! What a walk, good thing Daddy thought to bring water.
After exiting the trail, right onto the streets of our neighborhood, we headed home.


  1. Umm I LOVE IT! What a great picture story :)

  2. Thanks! I only wish I could post the *actual* experience on here, instead of just pictures...