Tuesday, July 7, 2009

{Our Weekend}

A Paris Street Market went well for us! It was especially nice Justin had the 4th off, so he was available all day to help. Angela & Peter stopped by and brought their cutie, Mara, who is Eisley's BFF. Those two must have called each other in secret and planned to match, for our little Firecrackers were wearing identical outfits! Seriously. This was not planned.
It was a nice holiday.

Today Justin & I had a preview class with Eisley over at the Gymboree in Parker. We wanted to see if it would be worth the bucks.
We think she had a lot of fun. It was her first time socializing with kids her age {or very close to} and we think it will be a nice addition to her weekly routine to have fun at Gymboree. It was a fun outing for our little threesome.
Parachutes, bubbles, climbing, friends, songs, magic toy boxes, tunnels, balls, slides, and obstacle courses - all fit nicely into a 45 minute Play & Music class. Who did our flirt choose to chase and follow when she got a chance? The only boy, of course. She has a habit of chasing boys. I'm not kidding.
Fun times ;-)