Thursday, July 23, 2009

{Dear Eisley - Vol. 4}

{Dear Eisley}

I can't wait until...

- you can take ballet classes
- you have your first sleepover
- you have a say in the decorating of your room
- your hair is long enough for me to French braid.
- you can tell us, with your own spoken words, that you love us
- you can understand just how much we love you. This, unfortunately, probably won't happen until you have kids of your own
- your Grandpa Erickson can enrich your childhood through crafts, art, and stories {with all the best voices for the characters} - just like he did mine
- your face lights up on Christmas morning, filled with the excitement that only new toys from Santa can bring
- you can tell me what you'd like to dress up as for Halloween
- you choose Christ by your own free will, it will happen one day, when you realize you are a child of God whether or not we force you to go to Sunday School
- you and daddy go to a Father/Daughter Dance, and I can do your hair all fancy
- you become more my friend than my child

but then again.... I can wait.

Love you,
Mom & Dad



  1. These sentimental types of posts are born at night, after a glass of wine.

  2. I'll tell ya what else is born after a glass or two of wine. . .