Monday, July 13, 2009

{Messy Face Poll}

Here's a confession: I've always cringed at pictures of other people's kids with messy faces. Baby splattered with spaghetti sauce and half eaten noodles? "Eew," I think.

And I honestly always thought
everyone thought these pictures of other people's messy faced kids were gross... {which left me wondering why so many parents post them?}

Then I snapped my
own kid's messy faced picture. Cutest messy face picture ever! But now I wonder if other people will cringe at it, the way I cringed at theirs.

SO - it's poll time, you tell me {and be honest!}:

For the love of Eisley leave a comment! Click down there and say hi.


  1. I tried to vote... but it told me I already voted!!! .... sigh

  2. I just placed my biased vote...

  3. Hello! What'd you vote, Megs?

  4. I think messy faced babies are cute only to the babies' parents. So you both sort of put up with it. Like vacation pictures. You don't really WANT to see photo evidence of the fabulous vacation someone else had in the Carribbean while you were stuck at home with a constipated baby, but you ooh and aah over them because when you finally make it to Italy, you know for damn sure everyone is coming to your house to crowd on your couch and look at you smiling and tanned and smug in front of the tourist traps.

  5. Lol, so what'd you vote then?

  6. Hey, you don't know me but I stumbled upon your blog some time ago and have been following for a little while, I hope this is okay.

    In complete honesty, Eisley is the most beautiful, happy baby I have ever seen. I work with children and babies full time, and have never seen one like her!
    Just thought I'd tell you :)

  7. Oh thanks Naomi! That's so sweet of you to say :-)

    Oh my way to go check out your blog... thanks for saying hi! It's always neat to hear others chime in.